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I started a new job day before yesterday.Sept 1st 2015.Yeey.
An answered prayer.
I have been on my knees for a long time for this one.
It's a short term contract and might not get renewed due to funding challenges.

So on Day 2,I started worrying about my job prospects in Jan 2016.
I know.
Ridiculous,isn't it?
Here I am.
With all the boxes checked from my 'This is the job I want' list
Job outside Kenya-tick
Work in a small office-tick
Engaging men&boys-tick
School and Community mobilisation-tick
Conduct Trainings-tick

And I wasn't savouring and enjoying it.
I was wondering about bloody January 2016.
And I know I'm not the only one.
Behaving like a child with a treat-enjoying it for a few minutes,
then putting it aside and wondering when the next one is coming along.

So,today,I had a meeting with myself and decreed that I will enjoy my time here
That  I will appreciate this opportunity to learn.
That I will endevour to be the best trainer and programme develo…