Prof's assasination

This always happens to me,I'm here to write something then I get derailed by the Oatmeal.The one site where am sure I will always get a laugh.

On Monday KTN aired Jicho Pevu,an investigative journalism show.This particular show was on the assassination of Prof George Saitoti,Minister of Internal Security at the time of his death.
There was a huge outcry on social media about how Kenya is run mafia style,the impunity and how public officers seemingly protect the perpetrators.

As  I have said before,the behaviour of the guys at the top is a reflection of what the ordinary mwenyenchi  does.
How many times have we defended a rapist/thief/paedophile because they are family?
We don't warn girl/boyfriends,fiancees of their partner's violence,infidelity,addiction to alcohol,gambling etc.
We do not even mention the children and/or previous wives.
All in the name of protecting our own.
Therefore,as you point fingers at the NSIS,CID and Kenya Police,reflect on the cover ups you have been involved in.For your boss,colleagues,family,friends,neighbourhood and tribe.

I remember during the hearings of the crash my bestfriend and I were wondering why they did not just come out and say it was an assassination. The message was clear if you read between the lines.

And as we await part 2,my heart and prayers goes out to those who lost  loved ones in the crash.This must be agonising for them.

Emmanuel Mwango call it "The gangster republic of Kenya. Where organised crime is not called mafioso we call it government, where mobsters and Godfathers are not shadowy figures in the underworld rather our seasoned political celebrities, where racketeering rings and drug cartels find cover at the benches of commissions of inquiry, where lack of worthy presidents has become a precedent, where the media has taken an oath... of silence on behalf of the mafia, where the first person to cast the stone is the thief in the company of a priest, where we assasinate you and pay you homage by naming a street after you better yet a statue, where eye witnesses turn "a blind eye" after legal advice, where gangs and militias wear party colours, where our criminal investigation department is just as the name suggests,...... And so the story goes .."
If all of the above is true,then why would Jicho Pevu be allowed to air such a piece?This is the question I keep circling around.


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