I ran into a colleague from Kabete yesterday and he was wailing at the fact that Waititu won the nominations in Kabete last week.
He &his male agemates were blaming women for it.

At the heart of the anti-Waititu sentiments was the fact that he's not from Kabete.He was popularly called 'muki' literal meaning One who comes.An outsider.
A wife is also  commonly referred  to as 'muki'.
The theory then is the women voted for Waititu in solidarity,that they are outsiders and they shouldn't be dismissed on account of not being Kabete natives.
It's probable some voters used that reasoning to tick the box next to Waititu's name.

It however,doesn't  sufficiently explain 14,696 out of 22,248 valid votes cast.
Personally,I thought it was an easy way out-blaming the women.The good old Adam syndrome.

Here's why I think he won:

i)Good campaign-I  live near  Wangige Shopping Centre and used to hear his caravan shouting 'baba yao 'till around 7.30pm.
It is claimed he visited all the wards and villages in Kabete,door to door.I  even saw him once,in passing.
He worked his campaign.

ii)Campaign Agenda-His message was straightfoward and clear'I'm here to get rid of Kabogo'
There's a lot of disillusionment  with Kabogo among the constituents and he  seems a likely saviour.
As a friend later remarked,many believe'it takes a goon to get rid of a goon'

iii)Money:It is alleged he spent around Ksh 15-20 million on his campaign.It is also alleged he would give members of the public in town centres ksh 50-200 and Ksh 1,000 in the homes.
My colleague was shocked when I pointed this out,he assumed that Kabetearians wouldn't be swayed by money.
I beg to differ

iv)Facebook  Groups:He identified the administrators of the relevant  facebook groups and used them to drive his agenda online e,g Wangige Market.His competitors caught on this too late.

v)Fellow Contestants:They weren't able to articulate their agenda.Most of then spent a lot of airtime questioning Waititu's eligibility.
They should know,for a politician,negative publicity,is good publicity.

A few days before the nominations,my 9 year old told me she thought Waititu would be the next Kabete Mp.
I should have known she was onto something.


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