Animal Farm

I spent 5hrs  on Saturday, 20th May 2017,trying to register my Airtel sim card at the Jinja office.
The 1st hurdle was figuring out which queue to go to,since I'm not a Ugandan.
There was a different process for foreigners,  which was never advertised.
In the foreigners queue, my application was marked 14&figured, at most it would take 2hrs.
Wishful thinking

The reason,  Asian &White privilege. 

My dears, it's one thing to know it exist,  it's another to watch it unfold. 
1st, the Whites did NOT queue, they went straight to the back office &got registered there.Some Asians also did this. 
Some of the Asians would go behind the counter and their applications fast tracked.
Others in front of me, in the queue, would receive applications from their counterparts behind &register on their behalf.
Forget that the instructions were you had to present your documents yourself to verify identity.

The icing on the cake was when one of the management guys came in ,by this time I was in the 2nd(final) queue. 

He was trying (I think)  to create some semblance of order.
He was addressing us in...Gujarati (or some Indian dialect)
Never mind that there were some of us who couldn't understand a word he was saying.
It reminded me of that quote in Animal Farm'All animals are equal;some are more equal than others'


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