My land is Kenya

The identities that bring me a lot of joy also cause me a lot of pain.
Being a woman,mother, daughter, sister,friend,Christian, Kenyan.
This morning, it hurts to be Kenyan.
The general election is in a week's time and m
ore blood is being shed.
Last weekend  it was Chris Msando's, in March it was my friend Dan Omollo.
There's probably others that didn't make the news.
It's heartbreaking, that life is seen as collateral damage in the pursuit of  political
The conspiracy theorists are having a field day, further fueling the fires and fears of violence.

A facebook post by my friend George resonated strongly with me and it's my take on the matter.

From recent happenings. There are two people I want to congratulate, our president Uhuru Kenyatta and our former prime minister Raila Odinga. The two of you have done what so many terror attacks tried to do but failed to. You have made Kenyans AFRAID, afraid of the future, afraid of their neighbours, afraid of their own shadows. The two of you have effectively, through your actions and inaction created an environment where hate could fester. All for what? So you can lead? So you can 'protect' your interests in the name of protecting mine? Congratulations, my sirs. On the 8th of August, I look forward to casting my vote, and it will be a vote for hope, for faith, for love, it will be a vote that thinks of the Kenyan and how awesome we are, the resilience of our people, our laughter, our courage. I will NOT be voting for either of you and the hate and fear you have so inspired so effortlessly. It might be only one vote, but I will know I stood for more than 'my community' 'my people' 'fear' and all that jazz.


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