I turned 38 on Tuesday last week.
I feel happy.
As I was reflecting on Sunday (if you're ever in Kampala, Bahai Temple
is a wonderful place for reflection and prayer), realised, finally, my
default setting nowadays is contentment and happiness.
And what a joy it is to learn this.
I love my life; the people in it, by choice or default
I'm happy with my choices; even the no so smart ones
I love my body; the workings, shape and size of it
I love my mind; how it helps me interpret and interact with the world
I adore my heart; how she feels and navigates me
My spirit embodies all that I am , the foundation on which I'm built

It's taken blood, sweat and tear to get here and I'm grateful me rallied
and marshaled for this fight.
I'm bloody proud of myself.
Girl, you did good *highfives self
Well done


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