For Ann

My gal Ann bought me a cake-on her birthday.I have googled poems about friendship
and the last two verses of Henry David Thoreau's Friendship come close

Two sturdy oaks I mean, which side by side,
Withstand the winter's storm,
And spite of wind and tide,
Grow up the meadow's pride,
For both are strong

Above they barely touch, but undermined
Down to their deepest source,
Admiring you shall find
Their roots are intertwined

Therefore I have decided to resuscitate my poetry skills;

Looking back over my shoulder,
pleasant shock at how many miles we have covered.
A river of gratitude snakes through me.
I call you friend.
Your faith has navigated me through
many a storm.
The hours and years  you have lent your ear,
Many words of wisdom and unwisdom that have dried my tears
and birthed laughter.
For the hugs,smiles,welcome silence, unsaid
I told you sos'
Unwavering loyalty,contagious enthusiasm and uncaged
I appreciate.

CC:Bosse,Mshai,Wanda,Rose,Irene,Ktn,Wanja,Ces,Salma,Odhis,JJ,Mercy,Waway,Asa,Carol,Suzie,Penina,Njoki and the ones that I have forgotten-my journey is that much better because of you.


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