Long Weekend

Yeey!Madaraka day,June 1st-the day that my beloved country Kenya attained self rule is tomorrow,a Friday.
Am not coming back to the office till Monday.
What I hear-sleep,rest,relax,sleep,rest,relax,sleep,rest,relax for three consecutive days.

What it actually means-Wake up early to prepare food for Mum's visitors,host two dozen children for Andrew's birthday,attend a baby shower,go out for drinks,travel to Nakuru for a family getogether,cook,clean up,stay up all night trying to bond with strangers,not sleep or sleep uncomfortably on a strange bed,wake up early,make breakfast,clean up,travel from Nakuru,supervise homework,work on a presentation due on Monday

Little sleep,no relaxation,no rest-the joys of a long weekend.


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