Being Kenyan

I have just been on facebook,a day after Uhuru Kenyatta was name Kenya's 4th president elect.There is a lot of emotion going on there,some people are taking the loss/victory very personally and venting .
I am glad that they are not the Kenyan media,we would have killed each other by now.

I read somewhere that leaders are a reflection of the people they govern.Am therefore not surprised by Raila Odinga's decision to petition the results in the Supreme Court.We Kenyans are sore losers.

Life hosts a myriad of losses-jobs,finances,relationships,looks,influence to name but a few.
The Kenyan reasons for this include but aren't limited to sabotage,jealousy,withcraft,nepotism,tribalism,
sex,bribery,corruption,historical injustices and the new kid on the block,generational curses.

No Kenyan is ever unqualified for a job or promotion,nervous during a presentation,drifts apart in a relationship,has poor communication and people skills.
 Perhaps I should consult a sociologist for the reason(s) why.

 I would like to point out one thing to my fellow Kenyans,your life is in your hands.The choices you make are what determine the outcome of your life.Whether or not the president of this country speaks in a language you can or cannot understand.


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