2018 Reads

I love reading.
Actually I'm addicted to reading.
I MUST read -articles, books ,reports you name it.
In 2018, managed to read 44 books and here are my top 10 favourite;

1) Kintu  -Jeniffer Makumbi
2) Stay with me - Ayobami Adebayo
3) The Power -Naomi Alderman
4) Pachinko   - Min Jin Lee
5) Taste of Mel  -Wanjiru Ndung'u

Non Fiction:
6) We need more wine - Gabrielle Union
7) Weapons of math destruction -  Cathy O'Neil
8) Everybody Lies - Seth Stephens
9) How to change your mind - Michael Pollan
10) Unlocking Potential -Michael K Simpson


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