13 months

13 months ago I left the familiar territory of the Gender and Development and took up
 a position in a social enterprise.
It's been a steep growth curve and here's my key 13 lessons:
1. Learning goes both ways. There's a lot to learn and a lot to teach 
2. Cultivate your voice. Showing up as your authentic self is critical 
3. Delayed decisions charge interest. The sooner you decide and act on the decision,the better 
4. Your team is your biggest asset and liability. They will make or break you. 
5. You have to be the bigger person, all the time, every time. 
6. Courage is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger and easier it gets. 
7. Murphy's Law:everything that could go wrong does after everything that goes right. 
8. Know your tribe. Figure out fast who to go to for what. 
9. Ask, ask, ask. For help, clarification,favours ,information. Always ask  
10. Everything takes longer than you think. One of the co-founders, Jay, drummed this into me and it's annoyingly true.
11. Manage your expectations. Especially because of no 10. 
12. Cultivate your cheering squad. Who you have in your corner is of paramount importance. 
13. Coaching and mentor-ship are hidden gems. Both rescued me when I was drowning.


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