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One of the crappy things about being Kenyan is how anyone with power will always lord it over you. We learnt this early one,in primary school,once your best friend was elected by the class teacher to be the class prefect or monitor,your relationship changed. You would no longer share lunch,borrow her pencil or talk to her as freely as before. And this effect was obvious all over,when your uncle  became chief,the relationship with your parents and his other siblings changed,when your mother was elected to the church council,your bosom buddy at work received a promotion......... And therein the notion that if you are in a position of influence or power.your responsibilities become your privileges,therefore when carrying out your duties,it seems you are doing others a favour. It is a local Administrator's duty to issue a burial permit for example,but when you go to get one,many a time you have to court him and usually you have to thank him later In all the funerals I have attend


Before I have the time to blog,I get all these fantastic(to me)ideas on what to write, sometimes even 3/4 ideas at a time,until I sit down to actually do it. Why is it so hard to put ideas into words? And why do they sound brilliant in my head but once you put them down  you wonder what the hell you were thinking??? Why does it seem you have a whole thesis then when you type it's only a few lines? Or is it just me.