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Handsome Nairobi men

I'm trying to recall the time my girlfriends and I were having a conversation on how handsome Kenyan men are. Hmmmmmmmhhh........never. I do recall discussing Rwandese men and sighing  when in Kigali,wishing the eye candy would be available here in Nairobi. Which is why I'm wondering-when did the men in Nairobi get so good looking? In the past few weeks,it has come to my attention  there are quite a number of head turning,or at least second look worthy menfolk in these streets of Nairobi. Was I blind before?is it really a new phenomena?is it a revolution?something in the water perhaps? Whatever the reason,I'm glad this has caught my eye

On matters rape

When walking from church yesterday,my friend George told us about a group of thugs that raided a block of flats near our neighborhood.They stole household items and raped several women. We all paused for a moment,unable to comprehended the pain those families are those going through. Thieves broke into my house last February and I remember how horrified I was,couldn't sleep for days afterwards and eventually had to move.And I was unharmed. I shudder to imagine what the double violation  is doing to those women.And the men who had to witness the ordeals. Sadly,most violent crimes in Kenya nowadays include rape. Even sadder,is the countless number of men,women,girls and boys who are continually molested by their partners,neighbours,friends and relatives. Who do these survivors report to?what's their support system? which services are available?why are we burying our heads in the sand in regards to sodomy?and how do we reduce this pandemic?