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For years, I wouldn't cross the Kenyan border. Nowadays I regularly travel across Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. So regularly, I've stopped appreciating  the blessing and privilege it is to be able to cross these borders with ease. This joins  a long list of things I take for granted : - Waking up - Mum - Health - Being literate - Internet - Books - Earth - Life - Shelter - Employment - Freedom - Family - Friendship - Water - Air - My body - Peaceful region - Language - Moon - Medicine - Plants - Universe - Gadgets - Laughter - Sleep - Jokes - Ideas - People (Thinks of I am Legend ) - Faith - Etc etc  I'm hoping to experience this more often; the reckoningof how rich and wonderful my life is, even in the midst of a cyclone.

Steel Utensils

Last year, I struggled to get images of a steel cup and decided to take photos of Mum's  utensils when I went home Mum, her friends and most of her age mates use this. Those who prefer ceramic cups have to say it as this is the default. DO NOT serve Mum and/or guests using a chipped cup. This beseni(basin) is older than me. Mum was gifted by her cousins in 1979 when she got married. The reason it's still intact? only used during special functions.