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10 Kgs

In the past 1 year , I've put on 10kgs. I know it , as does those around me. The culprit is me and my love of food. I was home, 2 weeks ago, and my weight became the topic of my entire visit. It was annoying. This is what I'd have loved to say to those who pointed this out Dear So and So, You've obviously known me for some time, now that you can remember when I weighed much less than I do now. Guess who was the 1st person to notice the weight gain?Me. You're not telling me something I already don't know . In fact, I would appreciate if you kept this to yourself. See, I'm surrounded by messages of what a failure I am for  being unable to control my appetite,  what my weight should be , how to can get there and how unattractive I am until then. Your well intended comment is one more nail on that coffin. For me and others, please stop. My weight is obviously none of your business, and you don't know what my weight gain/loss journey is like. If


My birthday is in 2 days. I'm in awe of how far I've come and is  counting my blessings . I'm grateful for life , this existence that I was thrust into and have had a lot of help navigating. My family are my everyday heros and heroines, I owe them a debt I can never repay. The icing on that cake is motherhood, the scariest thing I've done so far, still learning, still stumbling , still making it up as I go along. My friends, from Fifi, my oldest friend to Charlotte, who I met 4 weeks ago. They have shaped my world in many ways, seen and unseen. Know I'll never cross paths again with most of them. I'm grateful for the times we had. My colleagues, the men and women I was forced to interact with in pursuit of money. We shared many laughs and tears , built, tore  each other ,lent helping and destroying hands. The source of many life's lessons. The others. Who don't and didn't fit neatly into my boxes. Who shared their time, resources,