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I was telling my today colleague about my fascination with death. As long as I can remember, have been intrigued with the end of things. I'm currently mourning the death of a wonderful friendship. When I lived in Nairobi, I used to see this girl 2/3 times a week . We were so close. I've only seen her once this year She didn't return my missed calls. It hurts. We both had near death experiences in 2015, she was electrocuted in the shower, I had malaria. We agreed that the sensation of approaching death is pleasant, peaceful and warm. And comeback from that brink was disappointing. Back in my teens, my church mate Leslie made a statement that still periodically  echoes years later; what if we are dead and don't know it. What if we  died in another world/dimension and ended up here and now. What if?

13 years

I'm an unmarried mother for 13 years today. Parenting is a replica of life- epic highs , heartbreaking lows and mundane mediums. I'm glad it's okay to now say as a parent you're  making it up as you go long. Thankfully, she doesn't know better either. Two imperfect human beings trying to figure out life together. Thank God for love. It indeed covers a multitude of sins Happy birthday Mukami.