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I'm weathering the grief. At time it's a wave. A smell, picture, memory sets off the ripple. The build up is slow and it ebbs in and out . The constancy makes it easy to bear. The lighting strikes out of nowhere. I can be at work, typing an email and suddenly, I'm in tears, hands shaking, wailing  and crumbling on the inside. The wounds is pierced afresh , the pain sharp and deep. It helps that I have my own office where I can sit this out Fog is the commonest and it carries me effortlessly . I'm a battery that need charging all the time. Eating, getting up, interacting with others takes 10x more energy than usual. The pain is a dull constant ache humming in the background. The cloud is the hardest to bear. It drizzles a steady stream of pain. Everywhere, including my hair hurts. The umbrella is sleep May your soul keep resting in peace Master Matindi  wa Ng'ang'a  . You are missed