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30th Sept jokes

Our saving grace as Kenyans is our sense of humour.We  are able to laugh(eventually)even at disaster. On Sept 30th,all fake mobile phones were being were switched off(of course it's not the buyer's fault that the Kenyan gvt allowed the phones to be imported  in the first place,that that is Nokia's and Samsung's headache and that the average Kenyan doesn't know what a 'fake'mobile phone is,if he/she is able to call/text/browse/take photos etc using their handset,then it is a real mobile phone,but I digress) And as usual,Kenyans took this in their stride and sent the jokes to mark this event.  My favourites are: i)Han yu pak sang hao shi yung ching pen han haoshi peng yu mia jaa min pai ja xian jiao yong leeyin hang ni men chong yung shen xian....Yong pa koo,ki mei jaa.I can c u r really struggling to read,nakuambia have a good evening,niko China kurudisha phone yangu wanirudishie pesa before midnyt! ii)Dear customer,do not think we've forgotten to