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#Kenya pt 1

We all know that one person,who is gifted,fantastic at something but they don't see it.And regardless of what we say,their negative perception of self always trumps  any affirmations we make. I feel we Kenyans are like that.We have outsiders telling us we have a beautiful,safe country,that we are one of the world's  best investment destinations,that Nairobi is one of Africa's best cities and yet we are busy trending 2years of helplessness and Kidero drums. Over the years,Western media has been accused of negative publicity about Africa,of which Kenya is no exception.And we Kenyans, have decided to build on that  platform.The Garissa Attack photos,the stripping women videos,,the traffic terrorist attack warnings spread like bushfire.We eagerly retweet ,share and forward these images and messages. I read yesterday of the impending collapse of the tourism industry.We mostly blame the  government and yet I wonder if we also didn't play a significant role.Our newly fou

Blog Contest

There was a contest last month: How can the World Bank help#End poverty in Kenya? We're inviting Kenyan citizens between the ages of 18-35 to answer this question. This is what I wrote: As early as 1965, the Government of Kenya recognized poverty as one of the major constraints of human development. Today, 49  years  later, the poverty levels are higher, not lesser despite numerous interventions by Government of Kenya and non-governmental  institutions. I strongly believe for us to win the fight against poverty, Kenyans must first learn to think for themselves. From birth, majority of Kenyans are socialised to obey, follow instructions and not to question. Growing up, the model child is the one who obeys her parents, guardians and elders. In school ,she is taught to listen to the teachers, without  questioning and cram the textbooks in order to pass exams. The same cycle happens in institutions of higher learning, she learns in order to pass exams. At the workplace, t