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The weekend

  It's Sunday 1446hrs. This weekend I've finished reading Love works , started re-reading The Prophet , done yoga, gone for a 1hr walk, whittled the tabs on my phone from 50 to 14, read and listened to poetry, drank wine, caught up with family, slept and napped to my heart's content and had an enjoyable didn't-want-to-end whisky date. All things that brought me joy and fed my soul. Guess what I'm feeling now? Guilt. Crazy, right? I'm feeling guilty that I haven't done any work related stuff. When I prioritise and feed into me, the residue feeling is guilt When I focus on work, to the detriment of my health and happiness, the feeling is accomplishment. Obviously, I have a lot to learn ,unlearn and relearn. In case this happens to you as well, you're not alone. We shall overcome. Remember, we're all a work in progress.

Quora Gems

 Every so often I come across gems on Quora . Here's one that I shared with a friend in July last year. Can't find the original post and it's worth preserving and sharing How do you learn to love yourself in order to overcome being needy in relationships and have healthy relationships? There is a developmental concept in child psychology called object permanence . It’s the understanding that objects in the world continue to exist even if we cannot see or hear or touch or smell them. All healthy humans develop this understanding within the first two years of their lives. This is the entire concept behind the game of peek-a-boo. It’s funny for toddlers because when you hide your face behind your hands, the child literally thinks you have disappeared. You’ve ceased to exist. (1895 Painting by Georgios Lakovidis) We grow to realize that the world does not function that way.Even if I cannot see the building across from my house, I know it’s there. I wouldn’t feel the need