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1 week affair

I unknowingly went out with a married man for a week.Of course he said he wasn't married,claimed he had been separated from his wife for years. I had my suspicions which were confirmed  and the tell tale signs included i)he used to insist on going home for lunch ii)rarely picked up my calls-would prefer to call me back iii)always suggesting to be invited to my place but never invited me to his iv)at night,he would call me from the kitchen(would hear pots banging in the background-for authenticity I think)or outside the house.This is what made me call a friend of mine who happens to be his neighbour to confirm.All my previous boyfriends had no problem chatting when they were in bed v)Pushed for sex almost immediately,claimed willingness to wait when he noticed my reservation. vi)had handy excuses for not picking up my calls,not replying texts,bouncing dates Of course any one or two of the above is no proof of marriage. And a word to the married men,some women will  go out

Miguna Drama

Miguna Miguna is hot news in Kenya at the moment.I cannot wait to get my hands on Peeling Back The Mask. The Raila camp should have learnt from Eric Wainaina-say nothing.He(Eric)held onto the no comment during his saga with Valerie and like all scandals,it was forgotten and to date no one can quote anything he said. Sarah Elderkin,a media consultant for the ODM is publishing a 3-part series in defence of Raila,adding fuel to the fire. Get a refill,put up your feet folks,the Miguna Drama continues.

Kenyan Wives

It is obviously in bad taste that the late Orwa Ojonde's brother wrote to the Speaker asking for a share of the Ksh 20m.According to him,he was a dependant of his late brother and is entitled to a share of the compensation .He also cited that Mrs Ojonde was not talking to him or any of his relatives. I don't blame her for the silence. In most Kenyan societies,it is preferable for the wife to die before the husband. Upon the death of the husband,his relatives are usually quick to point fingers to the widow.She is almost always to blame for the death,directly or indirectly. Next is the scramble for his property,this ranges from the furnishings in the home,clothes, funeral contribution to his pension. Growing up as a girl in Africa,one is always aware of the temporary stay in her father's house.There are sayings,riddles,proverbs that remind you that one day you will leave your family,get married and get a new family.Parents who refuse to educate their female children ofte