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#We are one

I love that slogan. Truly we are one. And as my friend Betty joked on facebook,Kenyans:divided by Kenyans,united by terrorists. My heart is bleeding for our children.In their era,they don't have to battle disease,poverty,paedophiles, lies and half truths peddled by the internet,false teachings,two faced role models,they have added terrorists to the list. On Saturday,Kenyans were up in arms on the coverage of the hostage situation.And of course Sunday Nation's unprofessional,unethical,unclever front page. All in  race to be the one who broke the story. Sometimes our media houses remind me of matatu drivers-who drive carelessly and dangerously as if they were not in the vehicle should anything happen to it. You'd think the media houses reports wouldn't affect them and their loved ones.As if they  don't live here. I hope the outrage and disgust by Kenyans will serve as a wake-up and they will review their practices. There's a popular expression that i


Of course I have a lot to say and am finding it easier to write it out in my head. Milk prices have gone up and we're all crying foul. The Cordashians are out with their guns blazing and am sure the Unga/Maziwa revolution is gearing up for a piece of the action. When we passed the new constitution,we didn't question where the  money for the new structures was coming from. So I say,brace yourselves,it ain't over yet.