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I've just taken my daughter back to school here in Jinja and one of her teacher's remarked how Kenyans will kill each other over the election results in October , like they did in 2007. My knee jerk reaction was anger , then pride kicked in and I told him it won't happen. Of course I'm proud to be Kenyan.At least half the time. Then I log onto Facebook and Twitter and the pride curdles into shame and anger. I'm angry that tribe is our chief identity. We share multiple identities:children, parents, siblings, employees, employers, partners, friends, professionals, religious and spiritual affiliations, talents, hobbies etc. Yet, the one identity we had no choice in, is the one we cling to ,our Kryptonite. Election season is a great time to know what others think of their fellow Kenyans. There are many pleasant surprises and numerous shocks-the hatred and vitriol is nauseating. Fake news adds to the burden of separating the wheat from the chaff. There ar