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I'm not special

2 Saturdays ago, I met a guy at a bar in Ruaka. Within an hour of spotting him, we had exchanged numbers and  were flirting via text. The chemistry between us was sizzling, and when he came to sit next to me, my friends,  noting how smitten I was, excused themselves and went downstairs to play pool. Those 2 hrs flew. It was exhilarating. At some point he said 'I  hope you're not like other women' A few years ago, I'd have vehemently agreed to  this. I'd like to think I'm now wiser and my answer was 'I'm like other women in many ways and different in other ways' In recent years,I've started to pay keen interest to similarity.Before that, I used to thrive on difference. Now, I realise, as a  woman, African, employee, daughter, Kenyan, whichever identity I choose, there are many traits I have in common with those I share that  identity with. This has helped me deconstruct my own importance.The best part, of doing it myself,  is being a


Thanks to a friend on twitter, I discovered Alain De Botton roughly 2 years ago. He's one of my favourite philosophers and today I came across this gem on love . My aha moment;be generous in your interpretation of the behaviour of another person.