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Yep.He said it. And of course,we have parties throwing stones,while other shield him. Last year,during the election campaigns my friend was really annoyed. A politician,had bodly declared that her&all her fellow tribesmen &women supported  a particular candidate. All of them. She was seething. And this tyranny of numbers things seems to be supporting what the politicians would have us believe. The pro Musyokas  are arguing that we are tribal and ethnicity plays a role in our actions. Which is true. And also not true Within those tribes/institutions/groups,we have pockets of 'opposition' The minorities. Those who don't conform and tow the line. But in a typical majority wins fashion,we don't even acknowledge their existence. We,as Kenyans are experts at ignoring anyone who doesn't think like most of us. And our default mechanism is to demonise. Look at how we're peddling myths,half truths and lies about Muslims,Somalis,LG

To strong women

And the men that step up to the plate. My friend's mum has Alzheimer's and for the last 3 years she has watched the woman who bore her  become a shadow of herself. She was telling me earlier she cannot even swallow her medication now. Even the doctor,during the last visit,more or less told her this is it. And still,she wakes up every morning to change,cook and bathe her. Her devotion has not wavered. And she still hopes. For more time.With the woman who she couldn't stand during her teens. Her youngest brother has been a solid rock. He's paid the bills without complaining,borrowed,overdrawn to buy medication,spent countless nights at the hospital and slept on the carpet in his mother's house during the tough days.When his sisters had reached their breaking point. I salute you all. God bless you