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in His hands

Yesterday I went for Piano and Voice,Great show by Kanji and Aaron. Before I left  town ,I had coffee with my friend Ann . She pointed out that such gigs are the places to meet men of substance. I didn’t so maybe better luck next time????           That conversation crossed my mind though at some point and looking around my eyes fell on the women present. Beautiful  women, wearing flawless makeup, not a hair out of place .Clutching handbags which matched the outfits and heels. It occurred to me, the men in Nairobi are spoilt for choice. And if we are to date and marry the men we prefer,men with depth,who are curious about life,men who pause and question the wheres, hows and whys of mankind’s existence, only God can bring us to  notice each other. It’s no use wanting to dress, talk ,act like so and so in order to get a man like she got. It’s not about practicing all those tips  on the Saturday magazine article on how to get a rich man. It’s about God, or fate(if you pre


So much has happened since April,the last time I wrote here#sigh There goes the declarations and resolutions I'm not making any more promises,especially to myself. No expectations,I like. Let's see where this road leads