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Being Kyuk

Earlier this year,I read Amin  Maloouf's Identity.It's a very compelling and informative read. He says one identifies with the identity that's most threatened.And that explains why I've been feeling more Kikuyu than usual. I needed to take a step back and remind myself that I'm also other persons-mother, daughter,sister,friend,Christian,Kenyan,African,employer,employee,activist and  this helped ground me. To take off the Kikuyu coloured lenses. I love being Kikuyu(don't know any different really)the language,culture(the little that's left of it),history but I will not allow it to define me.


Disclaimer-I thought I'd posted this kumbe I saved it.The sentiments are still valid. It's 0429hrs hrs Kenyan time and have just got home from watching Croatia thrash Cameroon 4-0. In case you didn't know,I'm a football fan,and not those depicted in the FIFA ad,the clueless and admirers. My last football crush was Rigobert Song.And probably the reason why I still passionately root for the Indomitable Lions. Probably,too passionately. In fact,my sister,after seeing how excited and disappointed I get,suggested I pick a team after the quarter finals.Save myself the hyperventilation and near panic and heart attacks.................. Back to tonight's game,I honestly thought Cameroon had a chance,that they's be a worthy opponent against Croatia. Alas,it was not to be. Maybe I should have asked my friend Sach,a brilliant M&E and Research guy  what the odds were. It might have saved me alot of heartache. I was discretely crying after the  third goal and s

It's that time again

When I feel like I should apologize for being born into my tribe. If the articles floating around and the posts on social media are to be believed, Kenya would be the best country on earth if Kikuyus didn't exist. I grew up in a predominantly Kikuyu neighbourhood. Momanyi  and Awino joined us in class seven,I think, and that was my first close interaction with  a non-Kikuyu.  Awino gave me my first taste of brown ugali and fish. While many of the girls were struggling with pimples,her skin was flawless.And always glowing. High school changed all that,of which I'm eternally grateful. Most of the stereotypes about other tribes were shattered,while some were confirmed. 4 years later,I came out de-tribalised,except whenever my friends would visit or call,my mother would ask what tribe she comes from. And I lived in that bubble for some time.Thinking that tribe doesn't matter,that Kenyans can and should see the only people who benefit from the tribal card are the po