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Shame on me

I found myself thinking  of when Westgate would be accessible so that I can go lay flowers for the fallen. Was even planning on taking my daughter along so that she can also pay my respects. I won't pretend to believe that 68 people died in that attack,but the thought of laying flowers never crossed my mind after the Sinai slums tragedy or Sachangwan. In fact I remember thinking those   Kenyans were at fault. I apologise. For thinking of some lives as more important than others. #ashamed. And so today I pay tribute to the Kenyans whose deaths don't make headlines. Like the 5 who died when that blast went off in Mathare,the hundreds who have died in senseless attacks in  Tana River, Moyale, Mandera ,Garissa and West Pokot. And so help me God,to express and feel outrage for each and every innocent life that is snuffed out,whether I can relate to it or not. Forgive me  for this Animal Farm mentality,that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others. And l