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Laptop loss

In my lifetime,I have lost many things-several phones,money,clothes,opportunities,books the list is long.I remember when I lost Mum's money and had to pay her back using my savings. Then there's the first time my phone got stolen-how I panicked and replaced it within hours.It was after the third phone loss that I realised the people who am in regular calls and texts with have access to me without the phone.And having an address book also comes in handy.And update it regularly.   My laptop was stolen 3 sundays ago.This loss is different.  Within a day or two,I had come to terms with all the other losses-the usual life goes on,at least am still alive,healthy blah blah blah and moved on. 15 days later,am  mourning-the should haves and what ifs  plague me still.I even have a  laptop recovery fantasy,the one where cops ambush a thug's house,recover many stolen items.I get a phone call to go and have a look at the items and voila,there lies my laptop,am even practicing my co

My Land Is Kenya

There was a petition in my inbox today from Avaaz-to save Nairobi National Park.Apparently the Kenyan government wants to build a road through the park. What intrigued me was the lack of this piece of news in the local media. It reminded me of the fibre optic  cables under Indian Ocean that were damaged by a ship earlier this year causing slow,or rather slower internet connections and we found out about this from the US websites. This lack of information is deliberate,I believe. Sometimes motivated by power and at times self preservation. In  a country where anything can take  a political and ethnic angle e.g Hon Fred Ngumo during the Deputy CJ Barasa saga,one has to be sift carefully what information leaks to the public. Of course some would argue that most of the Kenyan population would not be concerned about some matters.This may be true but most of us would rather know whether or not it concerns us and whether or not we are able to do anything about it. Kenya's politi


CITIZEN TV's weather forecast last night 'Reduced wet weather activities expected throughout the country' Someone (preferably fron CITIZEN)kindly explain what wet weather activities. Seen on a matatu'We repair broken eggs'The person who saw this was unable to get the driver's contacts.Does anyone know him?better yet are you in possession of this manual? A friend put a smile on my face this morning when she texted me this: A jaluo is not a window cleaner,he is a transparent wall technician. He doesn't say he is at Kencom,he is opposite Hilton Hotel. He is not a watchman,he is a facilty security executive. He is not a fisherman,he is an aquaculture industrialist. He does not sweat,he perspires. He does not bald,he reduces his hair to scalp ratio. He does not change the topic,he subverts the contextual prefereces of the conversational obligatory expectation. He doesn't pay tax,he reviews his incone as stipulated by the constitution in consult