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On getting your own man

A whispering woman called me at 00.00hrs to ask who I was.When I asked   if she was calling me at midnight to ask my identity,she hang up. I was not very puzzled,this was most probably a spouse/girlfriend who had scrolled through her man’s phone and found I had communicated to him at some point during the day. In this case,the damning evidence was a text message,he is a client who had paid through Mpesa. It struck me as I slept that if she’s a Christian like me,she was probably praying me out of her man’s life. There’s this message doing the rounds on facebook targeting   single women ,the gist is get your own man.It is interesting to note only married women are copying this to their walls. Allow me,my married sisters to point out a number of things i)Not every   woman is interested in your man.He does it for you,we get that and good for you.But after spending a minute or five,weeks,years around him,we begin to wonder how you stand him. ii)There are many women

It's over

It's not working out,this relationship am in. am pretty sure he's not happy either. We barely talk of late and the conversations are the same:how are you,how is ur family,how was your day then blank. I will miss him,he was sweet and kind but it wasn't enough. Obviously one of the don'ts is not to dump him over the phone,I know that much but how do I look him in the eye and tell him it's over?