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Day 1

My trip to the gym has been long overdue,years overdue in fact. I finally managed to convince my legs to take me today. It was an experience,not as bad as I expected to be honest. And time will tell...... One thing I learnt though,when I say,let me sleep for 5  minutes and the trainer tells me I have to go on the bike  for 5 minutes ,we're talking about a different 5 minutes.

Here is my prayer for you…

We were reminded in church that today is Mothering Sunday. I would like to dedicate this prayer to my Mum,my daughter's many mothers and fellow mothers. I pray for all that you do, may it be within God's plans for you. I pray that you walk in the truth and that God fills your heart with dreams and give you courage, courage to dare do things that those before you did not dare do. I pray that passion be the wind that leads you through your days and conviction keeps you strong and guide you all the way. I pray that God grants you enough wisdom to know the difference between his will and your will. I pray that your life be filled with moments that make your life so sweet and enjoyable. I pray for your spiritual, financial and emotional needs to be fully met. I pray that hope be the ray that ushers you to a new day, faith the sunshine that warms and lights your day and joy the pillow you lay your head on every night. But above all I pray

Being Kenyan

I have just been on facebook,a day after Uhuru Kenyatta was name Kenya's 4th president elect.There is a lot of emotion going on there,some people are taking the loss/victory very personally and venting . I am glad that they are not the Kenyan media,we would have killed each other by now. I read somewhere that leaders are a reflection of the people they govern.Am therefore not surprised by Raila Odinga's decision to petition the results in the Supreme Court.We Kenyans are sore losers. Life hosts a myriad of losses-jobs,finances,relationships,looks,influence to name but a few. The Kenyan reasons for this include but aren't limited to sabotage,jealousy,withcraft,nepotism,tribalism, sex,bribery,corruption,historical injustices and the new kid on the block,generational curses. No Kenyan is ever unqualified for a job or promotion,nervous during a presentation,drifts apart in a relationship,has poor communication and people skills.  Perhaps I should consult a sociologist