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The last time I paid this much attention to my body was in 2015 when  recovering from malaria. And of course, what you pay attention to grows, right? I'm hearing a lot of  moans, cracks and crinks. They say black don't crack and whereas my face is easily 5-10 years younger, the bones and joints are on schedule. Maybe it's time I revisited my fitness goals. Hard to believe there was a time I was practicing Aikido 3-4 hours a week. Oh, if I could turn back the hands of time *whistles away 

IWD 2020

I celebrate my Mum this Women's  day. One of the gifts she bestowed on me was the love of reading. On my loss and grief journey, I'm struggling to read. To remind myself of the joy and pleasure of getting engrossed in a book, let me share my best reads of 2019 1) The body is not an apology -Sonya Renee Taylor 2) One day in December - Josie Silver 3) Master's tools -Audre Lorde 4) The courage to be disliked -Ichiro Kishimi and Fumikato Koga 5) Milk and Honey -Rupi Kaur 6) Long shot -Kennedy Ryan 7) How to have difficult conversations -Stone, Patton and Heen 8) When breath becomes air -Paul Kalanithi 9) Manchester Happened -Jeniffer Makumbi 10) We real cool -Bell Hooks Bonus 11) Refresh -Satya Nadella 12) The hard thing about hard things -Ben Horowitz 13)The healing power of herbs -Tina Sams