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My 1st fridge

I learnt today that white fridges are cheaper.Apparently because they stain. I was already buying the cheapest range in that store,didn't want to buy the cheapest of the cheap. To date,it is the most expensive household appliance in my house. And I had to immortalise that by writing this. Here's to (humble) beginings

Prof's assasination

This always happens to me,I'm here to write something then I get derailed by the Oatmeal.The one site where am sure I will always get a laugh. On Monday KTN aired Jicho Pevu,an investigative journalism show.This particular show was on the assassination of Prof George Saitoti,Minister of Internal Security at the time of his death. There was a huge outcry on social media about how Kenya is run mafia style,the impunity and how public officers seemingly protect the perpetrators. As  I have said before,the behaviour of the guys at the top is a reflection of what the ordinary mwenyenchi  does. How many times have we defended a rapist/thief/paedophile because they are family? We don't warn girl/boyfriends,fiancees of their partner's violence,infidelity,addiction to alcohol,gambling etc. We do not even mention the children and/or previous wives. All in the name of protecting our own. Therefore,as you point fingers at the NSIS,CID and Kenya Police,reflect on the cover ups