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To Elena

Proverbs 18:24b-There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. I thought I had the flu-was running a slight fever and feeling weak. Took a day off,expecting it to clear and I would go back to work. What followed was a misdiagnosis, admission to 3 different hospitals, a blood transfusion, countless injections and worse pain than giving birth. It was a miracle I made it. Through all this,Elena was steadfast. She was my rock-I know I wouldn't have made it without her. I now know she cried constantly,fought for me and was thoroughly overwhelmed. There are incidences and hours that I do not recall. She,however,was the constant through it all. Being sick is hard, in a foreign land  it's a hundred times worse. Elena,became the bridge between my family and me. She comforted and reassured both parties. Thank you seems inadequate,but for now it'll have to do. I'll be forever indebted to her-my knightress in shining armour. Thank you Elena