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On Wainaina's coming out

Finally we have a "prominent "Kenyan who has opened the closet doors and declared he's gay. Kudos Binyavanga Wainaina. Still,he fits into the stereotypical  Kenyan gay-bright flashy clothes&hairdo,living /has lived abroad and a creative.And of course middle class or rich. In fact Ciku Muiruru joked something along the lines   'As if the coloured hair and bright jacket didn't tell us already" I wonder how the poor, bodybuilding gay is faring.

Happy new year

Am patting myself on the back for posting this early in the year. What a start!can't remember the last time I was this broke. I'm celebrating a budding business,a daughter who's in class 3,acceptance to a fellowship, Mum accepting my hairstyle(long story),forgiveness& a 20 yr friendship. And this year,may I truly live. The shackles are off. Here's to 2014