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Solar Podcast

I enjoy podcasts. Here's me talking to Distributing Solar about my work.

Hallo July

One of the things that June has taught me is to own and seize my joy when it is found. Which is harder than it sounds when surrounded by such pain and dismay. Still we rise   Dad was a florist and would bring fresh uncut flowers home every week. I have fond memories of arranging them and during Lockdown, I promised myself to start buying them when I could. Such a small price for a huge load of happiness. I taught Kami and Andrew to bake and on the #DayoftheAfricanChild2020, came home to this yummy home made bread. My heart was bursting at the seams with joy.  I love food and is grateful to live in fertile Uganda, one of the few African countries without food insecurity. At (almost)every corner there's a fresh foods vendor, one of the many blessings I'm counting today. Here's a prayer for you and me (by Grace R Biamah) May the weather be sane, diseases be gone, children be manageable work be sensible, fun be plentiful and life be en