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Bungee Jumping

If I had a superpower, it'd be flying. Yesterday read that means I feel tied down and would like to be free. Maybe, I don't know, could be. My favourite part of flying is the  take off, that moment when the wheels leave the ground and I'm up in the air, absolutely love it. Too bad I can't stand up and cheer. To celebrate my birthday last year, I wanted to bungee jump. Sadly, I got sick. Two months ago, June, my friend Juliet mentioned she's visiting me in Jinja and would like to bungee jumping. I was all in. I was the last of the three to go. At first I was excited, then watching and  hearing  the screams slowly replaced the excitement with fear. By the time,I was standing on the ledge, the assistant holding the back of my jeans so that I don't topple over, I had changed my mind. What if,  the bungee cord snaps?That was the only question swirling in my mind. At the count of 3, he let go and I was in hurling down towards the water.The screams were automatic, di