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6 years ago

On this day, 6 years ago,I was sitting at my desk at work when Wangari, my small sister called me. We had left the house earlier together;I was headed to work,she went to the hospital to take care of Dad. I'd called her an hour earlier,to confirm he was alive.He was. When I saw her number on my caller ID,I knew. She was crying,yet her voice was strong,as she told me what I knew,yet dreaded to hear. I called my favourite cousin,Sarah and she started to cry.I quickly hang up. Next on my list was my colleague,Carol. Within 15 minutes,I was out of the door and headed to South B. I'd texted my close friends. I refused to answer any calls,it was the only way to hold in the tears. He was still lying in his hospital room when I arrived. He was warm. Mum,Wambui and Ng'ang'a,my other siblings were there. His brother,Uncle Jeff , My cousins Anthony,Hinga, Eda and Pastor Ann were also present. My tears were prompted by Wambui and Anthony's tears. The  taxi had

The woman in my dreams

I have come to love sleep because I get to spend time with her. She looks like me,talks like me and is usually hanging around  the people I know. Sometimes,I'm tempted to think she's me. On taking a closer look,I change my mind. I envy her courage She forges her own paths   She makes decisions based on her own happiness She isn't bogged down by her obligations I envy her freedom She has unshackled the chains of society's expectations She uses the box she was supposed to fit in as a waste bin I envy her love Her heart self heals She proudly displays her scars on her trophy cabinet In her eyes,everyone is innocent until proven guilty I envy her. The woman I dream  to be