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#she scared me

This morning,as my class 3 daughter was getting ready for school,she recounted a conversation she had yesterday with her classmate Amy. The gist of it was how they hated Luos and ultimately Raila. And it broke my heart. Then made me feel guilty. Amongst the many voices she's been hearing about being Kenyan,  Kikuyu,Kamba or Luo,mine isn't the one that stands out.

What to say

I lost my nephew last week. One of the things I noticed is what people say-to console you. Some of them,no matter how well intentioned they are,had me cringing. Here's some of them. i)It's God's will-when I'm in pain,and I've being taught that God is a loving Father,who loves me, I don't want to hear that He wants me  hurting ii)God has a reason-well,I can't see it right now so don't mention it. All I want is raise my voice at Him and question.Don't take that away from me iii)You'll get another child.Really??????This is the most insensitive of them all. Let me mourn. iv)Give it time.Don't even go there As I said earlier,these statements and many others are coming from a good place,a place where someone wants to encourage. Here's what you can say instead i)Pole ii)You're in my prayers and /or thoughts iii)Hugs,if we have that kind of relationship.