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9 weeks

We resumed work last week after being in Lockdown for 9 weeks. It’s been a tough season and glad some light is flickering ahead; hopefully the end of this tunnel. Our core business is solar installations which means  the restrictions on movement put the company on hold. April was notable tough, we generated zero revenue. Here’s a few lessons I’ve learnt: i) The importance of a cheering squad -I’ve had a number of friends, partners, mentors, family holding my hand and encouraging me . They’ve shared resources, opportunities, information, laughter and most importantly hope. They lightened my load immeasurably and I’m grateful for them. ii) Hard decisions are mostly hard in my head. Making tough choices  was easier than I’d anticipated. We managed to reduce our monthly expenses by 54%. The conversations and negotiations that’d have had me breaking in hives in early March were surprisingly easier when I had no choice. iii) Tough seasons are learning