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Kintu, by Jeniffer Nansubuga is now my favourite African book. It's a superb, well told tale. Living in Uganda, it took on a special significance. My favourite character is Isaac Newton, and he has one of the saddest stories in the clan. Miisi, the one, in my opinion, who pays highest price for the curse, is a writer for a local newspaper and he wrote one of the best imageries about colonialism I have come across. Ekisode Buganda, unlike the rest of Africa, was sweet-talked onto the operating table with praises and promises.Protectorate was the plastic surgery to set the sluggish African body on a faster  route to maturity. But once under chloroform, the surgeon was at liberty and did as he pleased. First he severed the hands then cut off the legs and he put the black limbs into a bin bag and  disposed of them. Then he got European limbs and set upon grafting them on the black torso. When the African woke up, the European had moved into his house. Though the African wa


I participated in a 30-day Do Tough Things challenge in March. It was hard. Opened my eyes to  how many things I've let slide in my life; from being reluctant to say no to having an audio course that was still wrapped 5 months after purchase. Made some good strides , then had to travel for a few days and by the time I was back, found myself mostly  at square one . AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH I know it'll take more than few days for habits to take root and bin others. Know  that progress takes time and yet constantly berate myself for not turning a new leaf fast enough. Patience isn't my strongest suit. I'm extending the challenge and  part of it will be being patient , kind and compassionate to myself. Aluta continua

My soul speaks

My soul speaks. In gentle whispers and fleeting thoughts I turn and catch the end tail It's enough. I ignore My soul speaks Through voices I don't and do trust Passing a message only my ears can decipher I brush it off My soul speaks Tired mornings and sleepless nights Restless days and a stormy mind I cannot unhear the echoes My soul shouts Hammering on my dumb walls Aaaaarrgh, how annoying I  listen.