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Courageous Conversations

There are weeks, like these past 3 or 4, when I'm navigating minefields in many of the conversations I'm having. From colleagues who feel entitled to favours to those who don't communicate well with peers. To business partners who want to dictate how and when we  carry out our obligations to those who like to triangulate. To my nephew who wants designer socks when I'm struggling to meet back to school expenses to friends who make promises and don't deliver. Once upon a time, I would rather have broken out in hives than air it out and is grateful along life's  highway I learnt to be overcome the fear and discomfort. Somehow, though, the mental gymnastics prior to each conversation is painful and exhausting. Does anyone out there have a remedy?


Every now and then, I wonder whether to continue with this blog or not. Especially at times when I want to write but do everything else but. Sure I'm not the only one who repeatedly avoids to do the one thing they actually want to. And should Then I go through my old posts and it buoys me. I hope as I share these snap shots of my life, it reminds you of our shared human experience. That this life is beautiful, messy, hard and easy. We all have weaknesses,baggage, regrets and wounds. And victories, strengths, trophies and heart. In a time when picture perfect and envy inducing lives abound, many of us are smack in the middle of the battle field and/or healing from old and fresh wounds. For those of us in the trenches, you are not alone. There is indeed a season for everything and I pray you find the resources for whatever season you're in. And your tribe(s). Everyday I'm grateful for mine, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.


         Happy new year. How are you doing? and I mean, really how are you? I left Uganda on 20th Dec and came back a month later on Wednesday last week. My one month in Kenya has left me refreshed and heartbroken. 5 of my close friends are reeling from and dealing with traumatic events from 2020. 3 miscarriages, 3 breakups, 1 stage IV cancer diagnosis. It's been a hard year. Among the many Covid losses, is the inability to gather and comfort. In previous non-Covid years, I'd travel to Nairobi on average 6 times a year. Plenty of opportunity to have walked with some of them during these trying and difficult times. Thankfully, they know my heart and is holding space for them;even from a distance. These conversations remind me of the quote; Be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle you nothing about. In your 2021 battles, I wish you strength, peace and faithful companions.