Happy new year.
How are you doing? and I mean, really how are you?

I left Uganda on 20th Dec and came back a month later on Wednesday last week.
My one month in Kenya has left me refreshed and heartbroken.
5 of my close friends are reeling from and dealing with traumatic events from 2020.
3 miscarriages, 3 breakups, 1 stage IV cancer diagnosis.
It's been a hard year.

Among the many Covid losses, is the inability to gather and comfort.
In previous non-Covid years, I'd travel to Nairobi on average 6 times a year.
Plenty of opportunity to have walked with some of them during these trying and
difficult times.
Thankfully, they know my heart and is holding space for them;even from a distance.

These conversations remind me of the quote;
Be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle you nothing about.

In your 2021 battles, I wish you strength, peace and faithful companions.


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