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Mistake making streak

It's been over two months since I blogged.No excuse is good enough I am having one of those days,once I told a friend that and he assumed I was having my periods. Am having a bad day.Most things have gone wrong,all due to me;my personality. My best friend is at work and this is the only space available to rant. Work went wrong,thanks to my idiot brother,free advice people,if you can,avoid getting into business with your family.The idiots get away with murder and you ,the sane person is left to deal with the police. And should you,like my father leave a business to your family to inherit,kindly put everything in writing. It'll stop your family members from having fantasies of each other's death. That,coupled with being taken advantage of by some fellows I worked with left me counting my failures.Over a milkshake and burger,I even had a term for this'mistake making streak' In fact all those platitudes about looking on the bright side of life,being glad that