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Heart Choices

I saw a friend's tweet about  YearCompass  and decided to try it. What a treat.  It was a great way to put 2017 in perspective and put on paper my hopes for 2018. One of the things I want in 2018 is love. And looking back in 2017, I think my heart and brain have ,for the most part, made up. They're no longer fighting about who gets to stay and who goes. At least not too much. From walking away  from a guy who made me feel I had to compete with others, firmly shutting the door on an ex, dancing the night away with a crush , a nyama choma and reggae date, it was a good year. Barely any regrets . Think I'm on my way to getting the love I deserve .


My friend Susan visited me in Jinja in Dec and it was awesome. Both of us are single, want  romantic love  and we chambuad  (delved deeply) our current state. The reasons are personal and outrageous. One of the decisions we made was to take more risks when it comes to love. As 35+ , intelligent, beautiful, self aware professionals, we sometimes a) just expect interested parties to know how amazing we are and therefore b) it's up to  them to lay all the groundwork, with or without encouragement from our end It's in this light that we decided to lean in when it comes to romantic interests and relationships. Then I stumbled on this video  , an apt reminder, to hold gently and let things flow. Will let you know how it goes.