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The HR officer at work has been in a funk for the last two weeks. Even her feet betrayed her mood. I learnt  it's because she saw the contract of the new guy and he's being paid double what she gets. I found out last night what my boss earns and my judgement of her evaporated. Now I'm in a dilemma about this. I am an advocate of publicizing salaries, in light of the wage gaps between men and women, where women are paid less than men for the same work. My knee jerk  reaction to learning what my boss earns was mild outrage and a desire to storm into his office demanding a pay rise. This will most likely be the reaction of millions of employees round the globe. I'm not sure how this can be managed. Still, I firmly believe colleagues should be aware of what the pay ranges are , this is a critical step in ensuring women don't keep getting the short end of the salary stick.