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Strength of a woman

I was having lunch with a doctor friend of mine and the conversation somehow geared towards violence in relationships,specifically  towards wives. He cited depressing example upon example of the women he treats and counsels. One male patient even beat up the wife while he was admitted.In front of the other patients. The question we couldn't adequately answer is why the women stay in such relationships. Of course there's the usual reasons-status,children,finances,religious and cultural beliefs,stigma etc He kept saying that women are strong-able to endure hardship. But is it really? Is it strength that makes a woman sleep on the couch in her own house as her husband has a one night stand  on the marital bed? Is it strength or stupidity?


A friend told me my posts are short and sometimes left hanging. I agree. My reason is I have a limited attention span and most importantly,I hate giving explanations. I apologize.It's unlikely to change.


Being a man is tough. I work in a men's organisation and it's an eye opener. That they too have issues,and problems and this patriarchy platter isn't as shiny as we women tend to think. My Senator,Wamatangi is on my mind as I write this His former househelp,who worked for him 7years ago,has accused him of rape. Maybe she's telling the truth.She could also be lying. But his name,whether cleared or not,will now be tainted forever. Reality is,we'll never know.Whether it was rape or not(I'm deliberately skipping the child issue because that's easy to prove with DNA) So it's her word against his. Whatever the outcome,this man has powerful enemies.

I'm over you

Now I'm  convinced. When you get over someone,they will then start doing many of  the things they you wanted them to(and didn't) when you liked them. Let's call this guy John. I would get finger cramps from texting him,would abandon everything just  to see him for 5 minutes and he was the background song to all my thoughts. Then time painfully opened my eyes. My girls also had a bit to do with it. And I tortoise walked out of that 'thingi', as we used to call it. Now,he's saying and doing things,that I used to daydream he  would,calling ,wanting to spend time with me. He took me out for my birthday-there was a time that would have been the highlight of my year. I had even forgotten about it. Should I tell him my ship has sailed or wait for him to fill in the blanks