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Today, I'm grateful for - Online workshops and yoga classes - Long walks - Amina - Fridge - Hot meals - Photos and phones that store them -  Internet, Data and hot spotting - Soap - WhatsApp and Insight Timer - Hope - Leftovers - Oven - Food in the house and money to buy it - Online banking - Aha moments - Bracelets - 14 years olds who can do chores - Birthdays - Nephews and nieces - WhatsApp groups - Memories  - Saturdays - Life, health and well being - Jokes - Laughter - The Sun - Clothes - Electricity


Yesterday morning I learnt my friend Sabstone from Malawi passed away from high blood pressure. I had  fooled myself that after George and Mum's deaths, any other would be easier. Ha! Been drowning  in tears and memories. Reminded me of a conversation I had with Mum, there's no 'small' death. It all hurts Rest well Sabstone, you will be missed

Day 5

I had a call with a friend today, we were checking on each other and she asked how I'm holding up. I'm well, today is Day 5 of the lockdown in Uganda . In the last few weeks, it's become clear how interconnected humanity is and also how fragile. The rising figures of Covid-19 infections and deaths are hitting close to home. Two years ago I started a meditation practice, using Insight Timer app. I highly recommend both, the practice and app. At distressing times as these, it's grounding, comforting and helps shift the focus to the here and now. The second thing that's working for me is realising how little is in my control and doing what I possibly can about it. I can wash my hands, reach out to my family and friends, read, check in with my colleagues etc And for now, that is good enough. How are you holding up?