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One of my pet peeves is when someone gets in touch and accuses me of being quiet. 'Umenyamaza(You're silent) is a common Kenyan phrase. If I had promised to get in touch and failed, remind me . If we've been in regular contact and the conversation fizzled out, then say hallo. Do not get on your high horse and patronize me. I appreciate you noticed the silence and decided to do something about it . Keep judgement out of it


 I celebrated my 4th birthday in Uganda on Monday. With an old friend and his friends, which was special in many ways. Later someone asked me what I was celebrating. And  it's many things, being here -alive, learning , growing , thriving . The theme for 2018 for me has been learning.  And my(now) favourite has been learning how to handle betrayal. Distance -physical and emotional , venting and perspective helped me process. The relationships are  cracked and no amount of remodeling will hide the rupture. And I'm finally okay with that. Will cherish the times we had and the enormous impact they had on me. One of the toughest things to do was to shush the pain and hurt, refuse it to cloud everything. Next was fighting to own and take this as a reflection of me. Still struggling with that