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This week has been a mixed bag of emotions. Despair and frustration walked in holding hands with excitement and hope . My gratitude practice has buoyed me and here are some of the things I'm grateful for: - Ability to read and write - A comfortable bed - Sleep - Tears - Ripe sweet bananas - Mercy's visit - Grace's birthday - Kayak The Nile - Data - Whats app - Live music - Neighbours What are you grateful for?

Feb 2019

My blogging and journal-ling patterns are good markers on the stress levels in my life. I barely wrote last month. Putting my thoughts down gives me joy and yet I avoid it when I most need it. There must be a German word for that. The sea in Feb was rough and I'm glad the storm has somewhat passed. This March I'm hoping to land on an island and lie on the beach enjoying cocktails for a little while.